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Here's a few sites that will entertain and amaze.

comic-con.orgthe homepage for the san diego comic book convention

Drawn & Quarterly established, award-winning comic artists from a small press

San Francisco Gate Comics sane comics in an insane world

KCRW unique, superlative online radio

Salon.com online news with some independent views

RES film, music, art, design & culture

marketingtool.com online source for webhosting, public relations & and more.
In fact, I'm listed in the San Diego, California Illustrators Directory at Marketing-
tool.com. Who would know?

uClick- Go Comics online source for variety of comics.

GreenCine DVD Rental Site for esoteric fare -- indie, arthouse, anime, foreign, classics, documentaries and rare titles available at no other service.

SpaceWeather.com bring your raincoat to the next meteor shower.





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